Digital transformation and e-business are at the center of the modern enterprise landscape. Simply put, organizations that possess better technology solutions and smoother user experience will eventually out-compete those who don’t. This “survival of the digital fittest” means that the time has come for every organization across any vertical to reimagine itself as a digital business.

Our mission is to disrupt and replace dated e-business technologies with a powerful new alternative; Interactive Video. We exist to ensure that your organization is ready for this inevitable future.

The application of video as an interactive medium is new, refreshing and disruptively innovative. We explored into the unknown a decade ago, knowing that it was challenging. But one clear purpose kept us moving; we desperately wanted to discover the technology that takes human-video interaction into a whole new level. We named the project “Reality-Web”, a video platform that has the power to transform any organization into an instant e-business.

What began as an idea, became a working prototype and then a versatile platform with over a million lines of code during its journey from NewYork city to Silicone Fen, Cambridge and then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Easier said than done, it took thousands of iterations and plenty of courage to break a technology glass ceiling. The end result was an elegant and robust suite of technology called Interactive Video On Demand (IVOD).

“By 2022 the number of global mobile devices will grow to 12.3 billion.”

StageYou IVOD is all about pushing the limits of video technology by transforming it into an exceptionally interactive omni-channel medium. The digital transformation across multiple industries from education and entertainment to recruitment and healthcare is inevitable.

The Reality-Web is already online! Are you ready to experience the inevitable