“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”

Arthur C. Clarke

The FutureScope brings together a series of interviews on ‘Digital Transformation and the Future of Technology’, in which Stageyou.tv gathers the insights of futurists, innovators, investors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs – people who are embracing the shifting paradigm – for a snapshot of what a purposeful digital future will look like.

Through these conversations, we look at the steady pace of technological transformation in the fields of education, science, entrepreneurship, entertainment, business, finance, gaming, real estate, finance and more, trying to envision what could be achieved when the digital ecosystem finally hits full stride.

Future Scope’s discussions with these revolutionary thinkers – including representatives of State, non-profits, award-winners, academia, CEOs, founders and scientists – start adding detail to the picture of how the use of digital tools, such as video, has facilitated growth across industries and is redefining the landscape in ways we could not have predicted, making these early adopters the curious pioneers of a wild new world.

This series is a thread of such insights and pragmatic perspectives that will empower us to carve a purposeful digital future that can amplify us all.

StageYou interviews Jack Lang on empowering children with low-cost computing tools to transform them from consumers to creators of technology

Jack Lang is the Co-founder and Former Chair, Raspberry Pi | Co-founder of Artimi | Renowned Angel Investor | Fellow at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge | Lecturer and Faculty Board Member in...

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StageYou Interviews John Ason on how Startups are disrupting and reshaping entire industries due to digitalization

John Ason is Renowned Angel Investor with exits exceeding $ 4 Billion | Mentor, DreamIt and TechStars accelerators | Guest Lecturer, NYU, Columbia, Wharton, Rutgers, NJIT, Fairleigh...

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StageYou interviews Professor Alan Barrell on how digitalization builds bridges transforming the world

Alan Barrell is the Professor at Judge Business School , University of Cambridge | Director of Studies at Cambridge Innovation Academy | Former Chairman MedTech Internati...

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StageYou interviews Dale Holness, the Vice Mayor of The Broward County Commission as he talks about his journey in the context of Digital Transformation.

Dale Holness is the Vice-Mayor, Broward County, Florida | Broward County Commissioner, District 9 |Former City Commissioner, Lauderhill, Florida |

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StageYou interviews Dave Aizer on the impact of digitalization on conventional TV and on the digital transformation of the coach

Dave Aizer is the Founder President, Elite Media Coaching | Emmy Award winning Television Host | Amazon Bestselling Author | Motivational Speaker...

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StageYou interviews Joy Randels on how digital transformation changes the way the world does business

Joy Randels is the Founder CEO & Chair Of The Board of Directors, New Market Partners | Chair of The Board of Directors & Founder, CISM, CIPP, CWSP and Applied G2 | Chair of...

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StageYou interviews Jeffrey Sass as he dissects filmmaking and draws comparisons to how an entrepreneur nurtures and grows a startup

Jeffrey Sass is the Chief Marketing Officer, Paw.com | Chief Marketing Officer, .CLUB Domains | Board of Directors,The Domain Name Association (TheDNA.org) | Board...

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StageYou interviews Ria Persad on the power unlocked through digital transformation in science

Ria Persad is the President, European Chamber of Digital Commerce | Founder & CEO, StatWeather | Fellow, Cambridge Commonwealth Society | Former Mathematical Modeler...

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StageYou interviews Robert Hacker about his experiences and insights on how entrepreneurship and business strategy evolve with digitalization in the 4th industrial revolution.

Robert Hacker is the Director, StartUP FIU, Florida International University | Professor , Florida International University | Partner...

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StageYou interviewed Dr. Galina Datskovsky on how startups can freely innovate while meeting reasonable standards of security and privacy.

Dr. Galina Datskovsky is the CEO, Vaporstream | Board of Advisors, Executive Woman’s Forum | Chair, President, President Elect, Director and Fellow of...

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StageYou interviews Jack Bennings on the impact of Digital Transformation on the industry of Recruitment

Jack Bennings is the Director, Workforce Services, CareerSource Broward , Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance |Board Member -South Florida Mfgrs...

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Stageyou interviews Tommy Knapp on the rise of esports and how digitalization is reshaping traditional sports.

Tommy Knapp is the Founder, Next Level Gaming Esports Clubs and Academies | Chief Esports Strategist, City of Fort Lauderdale | Director, E2E Esports Business...

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Stageyou interviews Linda Corley and Joel Kaplan to explore the power of videos and their future in the digital age

Linda Corley and Joel Kaplan are longtime veterans in the production industry and owners Daydream Productions, a boutique production company | Together they are Recipients...

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StageYou interviews Maurice Gallegos on how cryptocurrency is changing the way creators are paid for their work

Maurice Gallegos is ta Grammy Award Winner | Clio Award Winner | Producer | Content Creator | Blockchain Enthusiast | Keynote Speaker...

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StageYou interviews Kelli Rodriguez on how technology is making it easier to build customer relationships

Kelli Rodriguez is the US & Marketing Leader for Kamedis Dermatology and the President, The Vincent Group | President and Board of Directors, Miami Chapter, Healthcare...

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StageYou interviews Robert Adanto about his thoughts on the way digitalization has and continues to impact the journey of a filmmaker.

Robert Adanto is an Award Winning Film Director | Director, URI Enterprises | Former Director of Film & TV Production | Founding Director... Read More

StageYou interviews Bob Fitts on how every business is in fact a Digital Business!

Bob Fitts is the Executive Director, South Florida Technology Alliance | Founder and Producer SUP-X®: The StartUp Expo | Founder and Producer of SUP-X® Radio | CEO, Trident Global... Read More

StageYou interviews Avishan Bodjnoud on how data and technology is reshaping how the way United Nations prevents conflicts

Avishan Bodjnoud is the Leads data analytics efforts in the United Nations Department of Peace Operations (DPPA-DPO IMU), United Nations Peacekeeping, United Nations Depa...

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Stageyou interviews Glen Benjamin on building a world-class Tech Hub in South Florida and exploring the potential of disruptive technologies

Board Member TechLauderdale | Board Member, ITPalooza | Channel Partners with HP, AT&T, Citrix, Sprint/Nextel, CenturyLink, Strictly Tech, LAN Infotech...

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Stageyou Interviews Nikki Cabus on the power of digitalization when networking in membership driven organizations

Nikki Cabus is the Vice President of Development, Palm Beach Tech Association | Founder, getITgirl : Women’s Leadership & Technology Initiative | Board member & Former...

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StageYou Interviews Diana Cadavid on How Using Digital Tools such as Video Platforms are Transforming Film Festivals

Diana is the Associate Director, Program and Industry Administration, Miami Film Festival | Former Director of Programming, International Film Festival of Pan...

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StageYou interviews Carolina Garcia on how to use digitalization as a watchdog to raise the voice of justice

Carolina Garcia is the Community Development and Outreach Director, The Women’s Fund Miami Dade | Associate Director Engagement, Miami Film Festival | Harvard Sc...

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