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Special Covid 19 Update

We won’t let the pandemic slow you down.
Up to 73% special discount for eligible coaches.

WorldCoach helps you to stay safe and earn sustainable revenue through a pandemic-proof business model. Build and grow your video based coaching business 100% online. Sell subscriptions worldwide. Give yourself and your clients the freedom and safety of connecting from home.

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Launch a subscription based, pandemic-proof online coaching business with pre-recorded videos.
WorldCoach is brought to you by StageYou, Inc. a Florida based video tech venture specialized in Interactive Video-On-Demand technology.

Branded Online
Video Portal

Enhance your brand image with your personalized portal. Upload pre-recorded videos at your convenience.

Earn Subscription
Revenue 24/7

Maximize your revenue by selling subscriptions globally. Give your clients premium access to exclusive content. 

Private, Exclusive
and Secure

Your exclusive video content can only be accessed by your premium subscribers securely and confidentially.

Business Model

WorldCoach is a 100% online business. You and your clients can access it from anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Turn your website into a revenue generating e-business.

The most complete
e-coaching suite
in the cloud.

WorldCoach gives you everything you need to grow your coaching business online.

Does your current website generate enough revenue?

Build a coaching product, not a coaching service. With WorldCoach you will multiply your value and revenue with every new subscription.

Calculate your potential subscription based revenue and see for yourself.​

*Use this calculator to estimate your monthly revenue potential with a subscription based video portal.

*It's important to remember that these forecasted revenues are only an estimate. The actual values you will earn depend on multiple factors including your effort, influence, industry and quality of the content you produce.

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One Week

Launch your own Branded Coaching Platform in 5-7 business days. Upload your coaching videos and start getting subscribers.

Stop selling 'Hours'.
Start selling Subscriptions.

Hourly consulting and coaching eats into your time. Instead, create high quality video content once and sell them to new clients without the extra effort.

Convert your video
content into Passive Recurring Revenue.

Let your videos work for you, even while you sleep! WorldCoach gives you the tools to monetize your coaching content for the long term. Focus on creating value and enjoy passive recurring revenue every month.

Boost your Personal Brand: A modern day World Coach.

Project the right brand image, to the right  target group with your customized, branded, personalized WorldCoach portal.

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Smart TV and beyond..

Any device, Any location, Anytime. Whenever you are ready!

WorldCoach is all about coaching on the go. Experience how easy it is to upload videos, get new clients and grow your brand online wherever you are, in your own schedule.

Good Coaches Sell Time. Great Coaches Sell Subscriptions! Reimagine your coaching business and unlock the power of video + subscriptions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes!
Many coaches spend a lot of money getting a simple brochure page done. You will receive a customized and branded web site/platform 100% free, with this offer. The platform will be white-labeled in a unique way so that you can use it as a sophisticated online tv channel to boost your brand image.
Your branded WorldCoach platform will allow you to charge subscriptions from up to 200 clients. You’re free to decide on the monthly subscription fee your clients will pay. You can keep growing your subscriber base by adding new subscribers. If your content each month is adding value, your current subscribers will decide to stay on, giving you a recurrent source of passive monthly revenue. We don’t share any revenue, so you get to keep all the profit!
No, we don’t share revenue for this limited time because we believe in building entrepreneurs in these times of crisis where the pandemic has crippled many professions and businesses. If you purchase the platform during this period you will not have to share any revenue with us for as long as you use the platform. Your private and branded WorldCoach platform allows you to enroll upto 200 paid subscribers on a monthly subscription fee of your choice. You’re free to adjust the pricing to $50, $100 or above, it’s entirely up to you!

While the pandemic is a challenging time it also gives rise to many new opportunities as people stay at home longer and consume more digital content related to business, education and self growth. This creates an opportunity for coaches, educators and entrepreneurs like you to build your subscriber base and help more people better.

WorldCoach is not just a software platform, it’s a business opportunity and it’s a way of life where you will build a sustainable online business that will earn you recurrent passive monthly revenue from the comfort of your home, during these uncertain times.


Yes, that’s the most authentic way to produce your video content. Your clients will appreciate your natural self. You can create the videos at your convenience, from your home or office. With modern day equipment such as smartphones and digital cameras, it has never been this easy to self record videos of good quality. Use can use your own unique style to shoot quality video content that will add value to your clients.
Feel free to do so, especially if it is essential and relevant to the industry you’re working in. Alternatively, you can also create a home studio using your smartphone or laptop. Make sure to shoot the videos in an area with lots of natural light or use additional sources of lighting if you’re recording indoors. However, if you do have access to a professional camera that would be an added advantage.
We will guide you step-by-step on how to launch your platform and the natural milestones you will reach in the process. You can simply launch your video platform with a few videos structured around your specific niche. Simply upload on the go, as frequently as you can. This allows you to grow your e-coaching business while continuing to grow your subscriber base.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WorldCoach respects your privacy and endeavor to provide you secure and seamless access to our Platform. Therefore, our policy contains provisions pertaining to the information protection, retention and our security measures related to safeguarding your information. We advise you to have a careful read of our privacy policy.

What do we collect?

We collect personal and non-personal information (explained below) from you when you voluntarily provide information at the point of subscribing to our Services. We also collect information automatically from other technical means. Personal and non-personal information together will be referred to as [“information”]

Personal information

 The type of personal information that we may collect and retain would be your name, email address, contact numbe and details about your business / organization.

You may appreciate that we do not have access or we will not obtain, store or retain any financial details that allow us or a third party to operate your debit or credit card through our Platform.

Since you are voluntarily providing this information at the point of subscribing to our Services, you agree that we have a reasonable and lawful basis to engage in certain functions such as compliance with the law, update you of our Service offerings and marketing efforts.

We agree to not to render your personal information to any the third parties.

Non-personal information

 You agree that when you subscribe to our Services, there will be basic non – personal information collected via tracking application such as “Cookies”. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers in the form of text files that are inserted and stored by your web browser on your hard drive.

The types of non-personal information that we may obtain by Cookies and the usage of our Platform would be (a) browser type, IP address, date, time and length of your visit in the Platform.

We use your non – personal information to recognize and understand your choices and preferences. This will enable us to update you further about our Services, facilities, Packages and products.

Why do we collect and share your information?

 The purpose behind collecting your information is to provide you with an efficient and safe customer experience. Therefore, we collect information that we deem necessary to provide you with a secure and efficient customer service experience.

We may disclose your information in the following circumstance:

when we are obligated to disclose your information to a government institution or law enforcement authority as required by law, or based on an order received by a court of law.

when we have a reason or a good faith basis to believe that someone is causing injury to or interference with our rights or property or to prevent such injury or interference to the rights or property.

We will not collect and retain information of a minor below the age of 13. In respect of minors between the ages of 13 – 18, Representative’s consent will be required to obtain and retain information. The Representative’s consent will be validated by following certain verification procedures.

How do we retain your information?

 Most of the non-personal information collected by us will automatically get deleted after a lapse of a certain period of time. You may also appreciate that some of your personal information will be deleted upon you deleting your account with us.

However, we may also retain some of your information, as prescribed by the laws.

How do we protect your information

 We will take all reasonable security precautions to protect your personal information provided to us. We have adopted and maintain a security program that includes technical, and other security measures designed to protect your personal information in compliance with the accepted industry standards and applicable law, against anticipated or actual threats to the security of personal information.

However, you agree that whilst we take all reasonable security precautions to ensure the safety of your personal information, we cannot guarantee that your information, whether during transmission or while stored on our Platforms will be free from unauthorized access or that loss, misuse, destruction, or alteration will not occur. Therefore, you agree that we cannot be held liable for any such theft or loss of, unauthorized access or damage to, or interception of any data or communications including personal information except for a negligent act, omission or fault on our part to comply with the established practices or to comply with the law.

Other crucial policy details

 Our data protection policy is governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Florida.

In the event we receive formal written complaints from any jurisdiction, we will endeavor to corporate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities of the said jurisdiction.

We reserve the right to amend the policy statement from time to time. Any such changes to the policy will be notified to you.

If you have any questions or inquiries concerning the Privacy Policy, you may contact WorldCoach by email at

Last updated on – 10/20 /20